exciting nutritional discoveries of the last decade

The most exciting nutritional discoveries of the last decade.

There have to date been 857 studies conducted by PUBMED.gov and that number is expanding. Marine bioactives including Fucoidan are continuing to garner great interest and curiosity in the scientific community.  Scientists at the University of Central Florida have joined forces with the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in their study of additional marine life available and their  benefits.


Fucoidan - The Secret of Okinawa Longevity

Fucoidan is a type of sugar or complex carbohydrate that is extracted from brown seaweed. It contains Fucoxanthin which is what gives the seaweed brown tinge, and helps it in converting sunlight into energy. It is also being researched for its impact on both cancer and weight loss.
Fucoidan has also been thought to be good for preventing blood clots, as an anti-inflammatory and an excellent antioxidant for reduction of free radicals in the body. It is also being actively studied for its anti-clotting effects, and it's effect in the reduction of cancer spread. There have already been animal testing with the probability of future human trials. It has been shown already to cause cellular lines of lymphoma cells in humans to destroy them.
Brown seaweed is very nutritious beyond its suspected medicinal benefits, and has been a staple in Asian cuisine for a long time. It contains things like calcium, iodine and Vitamin A. As well, it contains selenium, zinc, and iron to name a few. It is already a well documented fact that these nutrients are show to be good for maintaining a properly functioning immune system, and also has been proven beneficial to the neurologic and hematologic areas of the human body.
Fucoidan has been increasing in popularity for its nutritional value alone, and is now expanding as something beneficial for other areas of the human body. It is not the easiest thing to extract, and it takes a commitment to maintaining the stability of the seaweed in water, keeping it solvent-free and producing a top quality end product for use by humans.
Processed from brown algae, top quality products include at least 70% of the glyconutrient fucoidan. This is typically used in a number of different therapeutic processes, and is a standard part of diets in a variety of cultures. It contains an abundance of elements that are immune modulating polysaccharides which are not found in other land plants or seaweeds. It has been shown to mediate significant bio-effects on cells in lab research, and it's also an excellent source of antioxidants.
There are two forms of fucoidan: F-fucoidan which is composed of 95% sulfated esters of fucose. The other type is called U-fucoidan and it's made with about 20% flucuronic acid. The effects, both biochemical and physiological, have been part of a number of small animal and in vitro studies. In animals like rabbits, it has been shown to inhibit hyperplasia. As well, it has been shown to start apoptosis in isolated lymphoma cellular lines in vitro. As a result, there's been a school of thought that these effects may have a common mechanism, but to date, results have been inconsistent.


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